Atari announces development of new console

After decades out of the game console business Atari is stepping back in

After decades out of the game console business Atari has hinted development of a new system.

In an interview with GamesBeat Atari confirmed it’s working on a new console. There’s little in the way of details on this new system but the announcement has created a buzz in the gaming world.

Dubbed the Atari Box, a special website offers a short video highlighting the new console but there isn’t much for details except the option to sign up when more information is available.

After the fall of Atari’s console systems in the early 1980s the company went through several changes until it could eventually become profitable in mobile gaming.

Atari’s history has been a long one with it first starting out in 1972. One of the most popular game consoles developed by the company is the Atari 2600, released in 1977. A total of 565 games were developed for the 2600, including the popular Pitfall.