One of the point-scoring events at the 23rd annual Santa Showdown

Annual Santa Showdown a tremendous success

Ponoka Secondary's 23rd Santa Showdown fundraiser for Santa's Anonymous raises more than $2,500

This year’s classic staff versus students fundraiser hit new heights for Ponoka Secondary Campus (PSC).

The 23rd annual Santa Showdown went off without a hitch on Dec. 13 at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Complex, with slightly more than $2,555 raised for the school’s Santa’s Anonymous campaign along with some food donations.

Now while the event didn’t break any records in regards to donations, the event saw the most participation ever in the number of students. A total of 33 Grade 12 students took part, so many that the student team had to be split in two squads one to play in the first half contest and one for the second.

The Grade 12 student run the entire event, from collecting the donations for admission to organizing the fundraising to operating the bake sale and ensuring that Santa is able to pay a visit. They also take on the staff in a hockey game that also includes a variety of fun ‘contest’ whereby each team earns points toward the game’s overall score.

And, this year it was the students that came out on top 26-24.

PSC social studies teacher Ron Labrie said the event was a great success.

“The students did a great job in helping organize the event. And, as a result of the high demand to participate, we created two student teams with 12 males and 21 females,” he said.

With a bit of a smirk, Labrie did question the final score, noting the staff was looking for a recount considering the extent of the math skills of the senior students recording the score.

Labrie also wanted to thank 50/50 prize winner, Leanne Louis, who donated her $270 winnings back to the cause.