PARCS president Justin Kelly looks to get himself out of jail during the ATB Financial pancake breakfast and Outlaw Roundup June 29 at the Legion. The event raised $45,000 thanks to strong fundraising and matching corporate donations. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

Over $45,000 raised at ATB Outlaw Roundup in Ponoka

The community came together to bring money to the town’s recreation fund

Over $45,000 was raised at the ATB Outlaw Roundup.

The special pancake breakfast fundraiser was held June 29 at the Legion with money going towards the Ponoka, Arts, Recreation and Culture Society (PARCS). This money is intended to bring a cash influx to help with recreation projects in Ponoka.

Credit for the big dollars raised goes to the outlaws chosen to help raise the funds, but also to the corporate matching donations. Outlaw Craig Hahn raised approximately $8,500, which was then matched by Eagle Builders. And then Sam Klimec raised $3,000, which was then matched by Rowland, Parker and Associates.

For PARCS president Justin Kelly, seeing the strong support was exciting. “We’re excited about our organization. We’re obviously very excited that ATB stepped up to select us as the group to benefit of this fundraiser.”

He added despite the downturn in the economy, folks have bought into the program donating their hard-earned dollars. For now, the funds are intended to help with the town’s plans to build a field house. “It will benefit the entire community. Kids and adults alike.”

PARCS is a new association in the Town of Ponoka, where funds are set aside for recreational purposes.

“This will be a great start for some seed money for more fundraisers,” offered Kelly, offering that the money raised from a recent St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser also added to the pot.

He suggests that if residents started raising money like this 20 or 30 years ago, the community would be even more ahead of the game.

ATB branch manager Roy Scabar suggested it was an easy decision to support PARCS seeing how it will benefit the entire community. “It was number one on the list,” said Scabar.

“The benefits that this facility is going to bring to our community, it benefits every single person, and that was what we were focussing on.”

He added that the results show just how much people have bought into the fundraiser. He credits the outlaws for their dedication to raising as much money as possible.

“The outlaws put in the hard work for this,” he added.

ATB’s dedication to the pancake breakfast is strong. The branch closes in the morning with all staff at the breakfast. Staff from nearby branches come to help out for an “all hands on deck” community effort.

Once the pancake breakfast is over, the branch reopens with all staff there to help customers. “It’s a big job. There’s lots of hours going into planning it,” explained Scabar.