UPDATE: $20,000 raised at Ponoka’s Boys and Girls Club Race for Kids

Photo highlights from the Boys and Girls Club’s Race for Kids to benefit the Ponoka Youth Centre.

Ponoka’s Race for Kids turned out so well that $20,000 was raised for programming.

The special race brought teams together June 10 to support the Boys and Girls Club programming through the Ponoka Youth Centre. Executive director Beth Reitz was pleased with the turnout seeing as there were 14 teams that took part in the race, now in its fifth year.

Part of the reason for the big dollars brought in is the race had corporate sponsorship for each of the 10 challenges. That sponsorship raised $8,500 while the rest came from individual and team money collected. Despite a rainy Saturday, teams took in each challenge together.

“There’s 13 different programs,” explained Reitz of where the money goes, adding that all the money raised stays local to keep those programs running.

There were prizes for those who took part as well with West Jet tickets for the individual who raised the most money and Via Rail tickets for the team that raised the most money.

Reitz feels that the support is strong because individuals see the value in the youth programs.


• Teams who raised the most: SIRRS Law Ladies, Ponoka Elementary School team

• Individuals who raised the most: Paula Wilkins, Shanoa Gislason

• Fastest Team: Bob’s Angels, Vantage Physiotherapy, Team ATB

• Most Sportsman Like: Shoots and Ladders

• Best Dressed: Ponoka Elementary School team


Dressed and ready to dance, this team looks at a challenge for the Boys and Girls Club Race for Kids on June 10. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye

Ponoka Elementary School teachers dressed up for the Boys and Girls Club Race for Kids June 10. Here the team leaves the new PES playground after completing a challenge. Photo by Jeffrey Heyden-Kaye