LETTER: Longing for summer and its joys

A Ponoka News reader laments the end of summer

Dear Editor,

My wife, the ultimate children’s resource, has become quite hip to bubble making technology.

Through spring and summer a grandson and his older sister have blown bubbles on our back deck a lot longer than I would have imagined.

They started with a single hole basic plastic device that most of us would recognize. Over time the design became more complex. There was the multi-hole version (in two models), which was clearly a step up from the basic one-hole version.

Then came a more exotic version, an oblong sword-like handle, which you dipped into a foot long tube and then arced through the air like a tennis player doing a forehand smash across the net. Most recently there was a multi-holed aerodynamic version that uses a propeller to push more that 10 bubbles of different sizes out at one time.

Obviously a lot of time and energy has gone into bubble creating technology.

Does it suggest a vibrant and competitive market in small, inexpensive children’s toys and can you imagine grown men and women in a board room proposing the design, then discussing the required technology and finally proposing a sales campaign to vendors?

Or am I simply gadget and toy averse or just sulking because a warm, hot summer is gone and the first beautiful week of the fall has come and the depths of winter might not be that far off.

George Jason