LETTER: Town of Ponoka CAO apologizes for staff comments

Apologizes for staff comments about former staff members

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Town of Ponoka administrative team, I would like to publicly apologize for comments made by town staff at a recent town council meeting in which criticism was directed at two former town employees who were not present at the meeting to speak for themselves.

The comments referred to the two former employees by name without consulting with these individuals and allowing them to provide their own input on the issue at hand. As such, the comments in question were unfounded and unfair to the individuals named.

While the town is committed to open, transparent communication with the public, it is also our practice to act responsibly by discussing personnel-related matters privately, and to invite input from all parties in an effort to be fair and respectful of all individuals involved in any matter under discussion. We regret this was not done in this particular case and we sincerely apologize to the individuals affected.

To help ensure this matter does not repeat itself in the future, discussions are being held with town staff to emphasize the importance of treating all individuals with fairness and respect, while at the same time continuing to communicate openly and transparently about town business.


Town of Ponoka CAO

Albert Flootman