The Town of Ponoka will meet with the Winter Games 2019 committee to look into the idea of a sponsorship and how it could benefit the town. File photo

Town of Ponoka looking at potential of 2019 Canada Winter Games sponsorship

Three year deal totalling $51,000 proposed

Town of Ponoka councillors will meet with organizers of the 2019 Canada Winter Games in Red Deer regarding a sponsorship spot.

The request came to council Sept. 26 during the regular meeting from the Economic Development Board. Chairperson Sarah Olson feels this is ideal for Ponoka to take advantage of.

The request is to sponsor three years at $17,000 each, a total of $51,000.

“The winter games looks like it’s going to be a big, notable event in central Alberta,” said Olson.

Coun. Teri Underhill provided the notice of motion to council.

There’ll be some other benefits such as a torch relay through the community, added Olson. Coun. Marc Yaworksi wanted to know what the full return on investment is.

Olson replied that nothing is set in stone yet but if the town pursues this, the winter games committee would meet with council to determine what comes with the advertising. She said a commitment is needed to move forward.

“They are willing to work with us to make it the best program that they can for our community,” added Underhill.

Coun. Carla Prediger said that this is a big event and from council’s perspective, if there is a monetary value, there has to be more information.

Olson pointed out the intention of the request was to see if there is actually any interest.

Council approved the motion to hear from the Winter Games 2019 committee and discuss the idea of a bronze level sponsorship.

If a deal is agreed on, first payment for the sponsorship would come out of the 2018 budget.