Town of Ponoka’s crack sealing program underway

The program is a key part of the town’s commitment to the ongoing maintenance

The Town of Ponoka’s annual asphalt paving and crack sealing program for 2017 is underway.

The program is a key part of the town’s commitment to the ongoing maintenance and continued improvement of municipal roadways and infrastructure. Crack sealing and asphalt paving repair work will happen between now and the fall, however, crews will not be working in town during the Ponoka Stampede.

Milling and Paving on a Portion of 50 Street

Residents can expect to see paving and road base repair work over the summer months that may result in road closures and traffic controls at the locations listed below. In addition, milling and paving work is also planned on 50 Street in Downtown Ponoka (from 48 Ave. to 50 Ave.). That portion of 50 Street will be milled to remove the top layer and replaced with new asphalt overlay (3,104 square metres).

For details about road and lane closures that may be required to accommodate asphalt paving work this summer, please visit the Roadwork and Traffic Notification chart on the Town website at The chart will be updated with notifications of lane and road closures as information becomes available.

Crack sealing repairs will be conducted over the summer on streets throughout Zone 3 (Central District), Zone 4 (Riverside) and Zone 5 (Commercial/Industrial/Froman Industrial Park) as weather permits. See the attached maps for Crack Sealing Zones and Asphalt Paving and Crack Sealing repair locations.

Below is a list of scheduled paving and road repair locations in Ponoka this summer:

Asphalt paving (minimal base repair)

57 Ave. (near 6004) – 15 square metres

57 Ave. (near 6006) – 33 square metres

55 Ave. (near 6409) – 220 square metres

47 Ave. Cr. (near 5503) – 18 square metres

52 St. &46 Ave. (from corner to 4501) – 1,.000 square metres

44 Ave. &52 St. (5018 at front of and around manhole) – 30 square metres

61 Ave. &51 St. (west side of intersection) – 60 square metres

44 St. (3642) – 192 square metres

45 A St. &40 Ave. (north of stop sign near 3912/3911) – 935 square metres

52 Ave. (5018) – 36 square metres

51 Ave. (5226) – 44 square metres

54 St. &51 Ave. (intersection) – 28 square metres

46 Ave. (west of 50 St.) – 220 square metres

51 St. (alley between 50 Ave. &49 Ave.) – 21 square metres

53 Ave. &50 St. – 117 square metres

53 Ave. &51 St. – 169 square metres

60 St. &51 Ave. – 64 square metres

39 Ave. Close – 170 square metres

Asphalt paving (deep base repair – includes 450 mm base replacement/repair)

51 St. (63 Ave to Hwy 2A) – shape, compact and pave – 1,100 square metres

54 Ave. &61 St. – 480 square metres

54 Ave. &60 St. – 230 square metres

61 Ave. (East of 54 St.) – 175 square metres

Airport taxiway expansion (place 450 mm base, shape, compact and pave) – 4,030 square metres

Ponoka Airport Taxiway Extension

The Ponoka Airport taxiway extension will also be completed this summer along with the Asphalt Paving and Crack Sealing Program. The taxiway extension is Phase 1 of the Ponoka Industrial Airport Expansion Plan, for which funding was approved by Town Council last fall.

The taxiway extension is needed to service four airport lots that are currently being leased and are serviced by temporary grass taxiways. The extended taxiway will also allow for the creation of several new lots for more hangars at the airport. “The taxiway extension will help promote the future sale of those lots and open the door to further economic development at the airport,” says Ponoka Mayor Rick Bonnett.

The cost of this year’s paving and crack sealing services, including the Airport taxiway extension, is $565,762.75. The contract was awarded to Border Paving following a competitive public procurement process this spring.

Town Operations crews will also be conducting curb, gutter and sidewalk repairs throughout town during the summer construction season. The Town of Ponoka Operations Department completes regular inspections of roadways, sidewalks and curbs throughout Ponoka each spring and fall to identify and prioritize repairs that are needed each year. To report a roadway or sidewalk that may be in need of repair, please phone 403-783-0159.

Motorists are asked to drive with caution and observe road signs in construction zones this summer. If you have questions, please call 403-783-0159.