May 16, 2017 · 8:52 AM

Most of the Town of Ponoka - and some of Ponoka County - was out of power for a short time May 15 due to a branch falling on a power line on 63 Street. Crews cleared the lines and power was eventually restored. / Photo submitted

A fallen tree branch in Ponoka was the culprit of a power outage that covered the Town of Ponoka and portions of surrounding Ponoka County.

At about 6:15 p.m. on May 15, the power flickered and then went out for about five to 10 minutes in most places. It appears the reason was because of a branch that fell on a power line on 63 Street.

Witnesses said they saw large flames and arcs of plasma just after the branch fell. Christian Nelson lives close to the location of the incident.

“The power starts flickering on and off. We hear loud crackling outside,” said Nelson.

He went to investigate the noise and found the location.

“Last year a similar situation happened,” he added from the same spot.

Tall trees at the home where the incident occurred appear to have encroached over the power lines, which caused the issue.

Nelson called 911 and before the Ponoka Fire Department arrived the fireworks started.

“It starts shooting off in these huge orange arcs of plasma off the line,” he said.

The fire department then blocked off certain streets until the electrical department could arrive to deal with the issue. In some areas of Ponoka, it took some time before power was fully restored.