Just An Observation – Moving forward, forgetting the past in a couple ways

Politics and agriculture have more in common than you think in this week’s column

Just An Observation – Tragedies can hit anywhere, anytime

With it being Fire Prevention Week in Alberta, this week’s column shows preparation can help everyone

September is a remarkable month to remember

A marathon, a memorial and some motivation is what gets me through September

An argument for why Amazon should move to small town Alberta

Ponoka could be the perfect location for Amazon’s new headquarters

EDITORIAL: People seem to be going bonkers

There’s a reason those that follow some sports teams are call fan-atics

EDITORIAL: Life gets in the way of the best laid plans

This week’s column looks at best paid plans and the art of procrastination.

Gravel Truck Drives Down Wrong Off-Ramp Against Traffic at Ponoka

    OPINION: Media relations key to moving forward

    One last tip from the Ponoka News editor: Media relations

    Just An Observation — All it takes is a few simple tasks

    Putting a stop to petty crimes can be easy, but it takes some initiative

    Opinion: Fall-ing back into a routine

    Just An Observation - Returning to school and the silly season to come are discussed this week

    A notch off my birthday bucket list was sky high

    A trip to the annual air show near Edmonton in this week’s Hammertime column

    Carbon tax column rambling non-sense

    This letter to the editor responds with disagreement to a recently run opinion column

    Respect a two-way political lesson

    This letter to the editor speaks about how people think about politicians and what they really do

    Falsehoods of a unified right

    This letter to the editor states the UCP isn’t the only conservative option in Alberta

    Reversing a wrong the right thing to do – Just An Observation

    A former government’s move to designed to crackdown on impaired drivers never worked anyway

    Nuggets of memories for those that remember them

    This week’s Hammertime column gives long time Ponoka people something to think about

    • Aug 23rd, 2017

    OPINION: Battle against intolerance will be fought in history classrooms

    A complete accounting of the past – not platitudes – is our best weapon against racist mistruths

    Time away supposed to be rejuvenating, refreshing — Just An Observation

    Vacation needed to be longer in order to do everything and maybe gain back some energy

    Sales tax, or carbon tax, not novel in dumb political moves even in Alberta

    Old strategy in political circles, lying to people, strangely not uncommon in Alberta

    • Aug 15th, 2017

    HAMMERTIME: Those kind words to others are always appreciated so much

    This week’s Hammertime in Ponoka News celebrates kindness and what it does for others

    • Aug 15th, 2017