Foul language driving fans away

Ponoka News reader suggests extreme hockey fans turning away people.

Dear Editor,

My four young daughters, wife and grandmother recently accompanied me to a midget hockey game at the arena and I was quite shocked at what we were so unfortunate to witness.

The game started to become a bit lopsided for the visiting team, which resulted in many rude comments spewing out from the mouths of the Ponoka fans towards the refs and opposing team members.

Not only were these comments fueling the teams into several altercations, but at one point my eight year old daughter had to move 15 feet because of the “f-bombs” that were raining out of a couple of the fans.

At one point, one of the Ponoka fathers yelled across to the visiting team fans to “shut the &@#$ up.”

This is how we train our children? What happened to sportsmanship?

I’d be embarrassed if my child acted like this, never-mind my father.

Perhaps we need a fan referee in the arena for all the hockey moms/dads acting less mature than their kids or, at the very least, a sign at the front door warning others of the potential exposure risks you may be in for should you decide to come watch a hockey game.

After that experience, I’m happy that my children have chosen dance and gymnastics.

Darcy Cornelssen