LETTER: Questioning council decisions on fire services

Ponoka News readers asks why Ponoka town council doesn't educate itself on regional fire services potentials.

Dear Editor,

In the Feb. 3 2016 issue of Ponoka News, it was reported that town council voted against a regional fire services agreement, without any information about the cost of doing so. Further, it was reported that Coun. Loanna Gulka claimed there was, “a lot of misinformation that confused the matter.”

Over a year later, the March 22, 2017 issue of Ponoka News reported that Coun. Sandra Lyon claimed town council still, “needs to have more information.” Coun. Marc Yaworski blatantly stated, “I don’t know about the county service.” In spite of not having any information, council proceeded with the vote anyway.

The March 22 issue also reports that Coun. Gulka voted once again against regionalization, even though she admitted to originally voting against it based on a lot of misinformation.

Why does town council not make a point of fully understanding critically important issues before they vote on them? And why does it steadfastly stand by this decision even when councillors admit the decision was made based on misinformation, and when the citizens of the town make it plainly obvious they support collaboration with the county?


Graham Boyes