4-Hers celebrate end of show season

With the stress of show season over — for most — 4-Hers can enjoy their awards and extra free time until September rolls around.

Tyson Matejka received the Senior Efficiency Award

Tyson Matejka received the Senior Efficiency Award

With the stress of show season over — for most — 4-Hers can enjoy their awards and extra free time until September rolls around.

June 11 was 4-H awards night for the three Ponoka districts and every young cattleman and woman walked away with awards and big smile.

“The night is enjoyable because I guess the stress of the show and sale isn’t here. They get to relax and enjoy their labors,” said Erin Fleck, leader of Central Ponoka 4-H beef.

Monica Harvey, East Ponoka beef leader, says the night is also a way for the clubs to thank their sponsors. “Many sponsors are multi-generational. They’ve been leaders or sponsors their whole lives, their children went through 4-H.”

“It’s just a chance for families and kids to conclude our year,” said Harvey.

Awards handed out that night included achievement awards, attendance awards and efficiency awards.

While many of the awards aren’t surprises and were announced at the show and sale early last month, Harvey says each of the leaders are proud of the clubs because the youths are willing to work hard with their animals and carry on tradition.

“It’s the connection to the animals that most of our kids really like and the connection to working with other kids. That kind of epitomizes 4-H,” said Harvey.

Note: Not all awards are listed

Central Club Junior Awards:

Dylan Giles – 1st junior judging

Madison Fleck – 1st central zone public speaking

Intermediate Awards:

Chase Fleck – 1st intermediate public speaking

Jesse Stretch – 1st intermediate judging

Kris Malterer – 1st intermediate record book

Emily Gartner – Angus Breed Award

Senior Awards:

Samantha Stretch – Simmental Breed Award

Hannah Stretch – 1st senior judging

Helena Winter – 1st senior presentations

Kaitlin Malterer – 1st central zone public speaking

Lisa Winter – 1st in senior presentations

East Club

Junior Awards:

Anton Hodnefield – Charolais and Simmental Breed Awards

Nadia Simons – 1st junior judging

Intermediate Awards:

Jenna Honefield – 1st intermediate judging

Julianna Harvey – 1st intermediate grooming

Megan Bolton – 1st intermediate public speaking

Nils Simons – reserve champions steer

Tasha Kjenner – 1st intermediate record book

Tawni Kjenner – 1st intermediate showmanship

Senior Awards:

Fallon Jenkins – club champion steer

Shania Kjenner – leadership award

Virginia Harvey – club champion heifer

Interclub Awards:

Grand Champion Steer – Simon Stalder

Reserve Grand Champion Steer – Tyson Matejka

Grand Champion Heifer – Virginia Harvey

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer – Lisa Winter

Grand Champion Cow/Calf – Virginia Harvey

Senior Showmanship – Tyson Matejka

Intermediate Showmanship – Emily Gartner

Junior Showmanship – Kelli-Rai Sieben

Senior Grooming – Lisa Winter

Intermediate Grooming – Emily Gartner

Junior Grooming – Kelli-Rai Sieben

Awards of Excellence

Platinum: Jessica Sperber, Amanda Klimec, Samantha Sperber, Brandi-Lynn McClaflin and Samantha Stretch.

Gold: Katie McClaflin, Kaitlin Malterer.

Silver: Twani Kjenner, Helena Winter, Lindsey Gartner and Matthew Klimec.

Bronze: Megan Bolton, Julianna Harvey, Lisa Winter, Dale Winter Jr., Kris Malterer and Chase Fleck.