Farm safety important to know

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...and Canada’s leading farm safety advocates agree


They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and Canada’s leading farm safety advocates agree.

An on-line farm safety photo library has been created on with 80 photos showing the safe way to work on farms or ranches. The project is being launched by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), in partnership with Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited, and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA). “This on-line photo library uses positive imagery to reinforce the message of the correct way of working safely,” says Laurent Pellerin, 1st Vice

President of the CFA. “Showing a photograph of a tragic incident after it happens doesn’t teach the viewer anything. The real information is in how to do things right. We all know the consequences of doing things wrong.”

The photos were donated to the library by numerous farm safety advocates and organizations from across Canada. The high-resolution photos are available in both .jpeg and .tiff formats and are available for use free of charge to anyone for non-commercial purposes in the promotion of farm safety, with appropriate photo credits being given.

“This project is a great example of our network pulling together to create a fabulous new resource,” says Marcel Hacault, Executive Director of CASA.

“Now that this photo library has been developed it can easily be updated and added to, creating a valuable resource to Canadian agriculture for a long time to come.”

The photos are intended for use not only by media, but also for individuals and organizations in their newsletters, presentations, and other farm safety promotional and training materials.

“Farm safety needs to become a natural part of every job on the farm,” says Donald MacKenzie, Manager Biotechnology and Industry Affairs, Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd. “At Pioneer, we’re proud of our long history of working with CFA and CASA to help make Canadian farms safer places to work and live.”