Foodgrains auction raised over $40,000

The Canadian Foodgrains bank raised $41

The Canadian Foodgrains bank raised $41

By Jasmine Franklin

Eager buyers and nearly 60 animals made the ninth annual Canadian Foodgrains Bank auction a success.

Due to generous animal donations and auction buyers, the organization raised $41,200 March 24 at the event held at Vold, Jones & Vold.

“It went really well,” said organizer Larry Henderson. “A big thank you goes out to the VJV staff as well as the donors and buyers. It takes a lot of work to get this thing going.”

There were 57 animals donated to the auction with two hot items this year — goats.

“The two little buggers sold 11 times,” Henderson said laughing. “It was quite a riot.”

All money raised goes toward feeding the hungry in 31 countries the organization aids.

“We’ve been in Haiti for awhile now,” Henderson said. “But all this money will go to providing emergency food, water, supplies and longer development work towards countries.”

Henderson said the foodgrains bank also works to develop farming in the countries.

“It gets people really excited,’ Hendersons said.

Through a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies, the organization works to end world hunger by raising money to feed others in countries such as Zimbabwe, Bangledesh, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Congo. For the 2008/2009 year, $12.4 million was donated by Canadians, a $4-million increase from the previous year. The federal government supports the program by providing a 4:1 dollar match. Therefore, a $1 donation becomes a $5 donation.