Keep it relative

This week's FarmLead looks at low grain prices due to high supply.

Farm safety group develops grain entrapment safety program

A farm safety advocacy group is developing a mobile grain entrapment training unit aimed at demonstrating safety tips to prairie farmers.

Surprises, surprises

This week's FarmLead looks at higher than expected crop production.

Fans support Rebels

Farmers converge on Ponoka to protest farm safety bill

Several hundred farmers converged on the Calnash Ag Event Centre over the weekend to protest the advancement of Bill 6.

The strong(er) game

This week's FarmLead looks at oats, grains, corn and other grain market prices.

BSE risk is down, but definitely not out

There was a lot of good news for the Alberta and Canadian beef industry last week, but also a note of caution expressed.

Local couple co-winners of national farm award

A local couple that have really been at the forefront of pioneering an industry have been recognized for their efforts.

Don’t cry for me Argentina

This week's FarmLead looks at the government changes in Argentina and its affects on grain prices.

Looking hard

This week's FarmLead looks at the potential for a La Nina weather change.

Ag safety bill ‘onerous’ and ‘offensive’ – Strankman Bill should be education oriented, not punitive

Concerns raised regarding the proposed Bill 6 Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act.

  • Nov 25, 2015

Increased non-refundable check-off option supported at regional ABP meeting

Two potentially contentious issues proved to have no meat to them for the area’s beef producers.

El Nino affecting weather

This week's FarmLead discusses changes to the market due to weather.

Very little harvest left to do in region

Some better weather during the first half of October really helped farmers get nearly all of the crops off in the Ponoka area.

Regional ABP meeting to discuss check-off payments

There are some big issues ahead for beef producers in the province slated for discussion at the ABP annual fall regional meetings.

Soybean yields upgraded in November

This week's FarmLead looks at soybean yields being upgraded in November.

Oats harvested to benefit the Canadian Foodgrains project

Farmers and agricultural businesses donated their time to harvest 165-acres of land that will benefit a program aimed at reducing hunger.

  • Oct 7, 2015

TPP agreement could restrict government’s power

Critics of the TPP trade deal say there could be long-term costs for governments, and their tax payers.

  • Oct 7, 2015

Chasing headlines

This week's FarmLead looks at grain prices chasing the weather.

Farmers take part in old time harvest

Farmers familiar with antique farm equipment had a chance to harvest the land as was done decades ago.

Longhorn cattle market seeing growth

Whether it’s for the look or for the meat, the Texas longhorn cattle market is seeing growth.