Mike Rainone - Hammertime

Together we will always manage to weather the storm

Recovering from the big wind and rain storm, in this week's Hammertime.

HAMMERTIME: The ‘mostly’ amazing joys about retirement

Hammertime speaks to his retirement days and the 7 days a week of fun.

Look out…the green thumbs are now on the loose

Spring, green thumbs and taking care of your garden in this week's Ponoka News Hammertime.

The many perks of living in a small and friendly town

You know you're in a small town when...in this week's Ponoka News Hammertime.

The Leafs are now resting until next season

HAMMERTIME: Maple Leafs out and Ponoka News' Hammertime gets into full Canada hockey mania.

Spring always brings out the flowers, the showers, and the swingers

COLUMN: Ponoka News' Hammertime looks at spring time and the fun history of golf.

Spring is great but ‘the playoffs’ can be stressful

HAMMERTIME: Playoffs and spring discussed this week in Ponoka News' Hammertime column.

The hockey Grinches who want to skip the Olympics

HAMMERTIME: Speaking of the Olympics...and the grinches who took the NHL away from the winter event.

The very best spring and summer days of school

Ponoka News' Hammertime column looks at the fun days of youth, school and spring.

HAMMERTIME: Retirement and true friends are the greatest

This week's Hammertime column recognizes the fun times of retirement.

Those creepy crawlies really bug me but will always be there

This week's Ponoka News Hammertime looks at the many bugs to give one the heebee-jeebees.

Don’t panic, the signs of spring are now among us

Ponoka News' Hammertime looks at the fresh, warm days of springtime.

Those hardy Fort McMurray residents are rebounding from ‘The Beast’

This week's Hammertime gives praise to the hardy folks in Fort McMurray.

Getting the very best out of the one life that we live

This week's Hammertime talks about life, and living it to the fullest.

We hope that you all had a great Family Day in Ponoka

Hammertime this weeks celebrates the fun-filled Family Day in Ponoka.

Valentine’s Day year-round

Valentine's Day a main topic of discussion for this week's Hammertime.

Donald and Mickey are now running the United States

Hammertime takes a fun look at the growing up in the 1950s.

A salute to the long and colourful tradition of the Ponoka Fire Department

Hammertime takes time to recognize the history of the Ponoka Fire Department.

I was 70 before I made it on to Facebook

Ponoka's Hammertime takes a fresh look at being a senior and getting into technology.

Let’s take January in stride with very few blues and lots of high notes

For 2017, Hammertime speaks to good times in the future