Mike Rainone - Hammertime

Memories of the Ponoka Rising Sun Club House work program

This week's Hammertime looks at the origins of the blue box recycling program of the Rising Sun Clubhouse.

Everyone needs to have fun while growing up

This week's Hammertime talks about the joys of growing up.

How seniors stay in shape in the winter

This week's Hammertime looks for ways seniors can stay in shape in the winter.

WATCH OUT……the kids are going back to school

This week's Hammertime looks at kids going back to school.

Today’s challenges and changes for all us seniors

This week's Hammertime and the challenges for seniors

Eh. …..How great it is to be a Canadian

This week's Hammertime talks about the joys of being Canadian.

Camping in the old fashioned way

This week's Hammertime looks at camping the old fashioned way.

It’s been a wild summer without mosquitoes

This week's Hammer Column looks at the weather, no mosquitos and a wild and weird season.

Our Farmer’s Markets are the greatest

This weeks Hammertime looks at farmers markets and the fun one can have at them.

Teaching an old dog some neat new tricks

In this new and modern day and age, many of us who are trying to have some fun coasting through our so-called ‘Golden Years’ .

All of Canada a big winner at the Women’s World Cup

Even though our feisty Canadian ladies’ soccer team lost a close game to England in the quarter finals.

Garbage can really spoil the summer scenery

This weeks Hammertime: Enjoying the landscape views without garbage.

The Hammer’s Column.

The sights and sounds of spring....some good-some not

Saluting our dads….the neighbourhood BBQ King

The Hammer celebrates dads, AKA BBQ kings, and Father's Day.

The great old expressions and lingo of days gone by

This week's Hammer column looks at fund old sayings.

Fishing can be good for the mind

Hammer takes on fishing in this week's Hammertime.

A new adventure in spring cleaning

The Hammer takes on spring cleaning this week in Ponoka News.

Our Alberta colors are now orange and yellow

NDP takes the lead in The Hemmer column this week.

Time to start swinging into spring.

Now that all the election panic is over, it is time to swing into spring, says The Hammer.

Your vote is very important for our future

Hammer discusses the need for votes during election period.