MP Blaine Calkins

Important legislation passed before parliamentary recess

Now that Parliament has recessed for the summer I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update

Canada has the richest middle class

On April 22nd the New York Times released a study that declared Canada’s middle class was better off than the middle class

How CETA will benefit Alberta

On October 29th The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper rose in the House of Commons and tabled the agreement details

Canadians support changes to Senate

Over the summer break, as I have travelled from one corner of the riding to the other, I have heard from people at every stop

Gov’t keeps Canadians safe

On July 1 many Canadians and their families celebrated the birth of our country. For 146 years this day has been a time to reflect

Need for greater transparency

Recently, I have heard from Canadians the concerns they have about transparency and accountability with our crown corporations.

Government commits to taxpayers

Lots of people around the riding are wondering what our government has in store for this session of Parliament.

Gov’t is helping First Nations

One thing I always value is an open dialogue with my constituents about their concerns.

Government helps grow the economy

This month, the government officially tabled its second budget implementation bill, C-45 Jobs and Growth 2012.