Todd Lewis

Pirates lose championship game

The Central Alberta Buccaneers 2016 season has come to an end with a 32-23 loss against the Fort McMurray Monarchs.

Pirates go to championship game undefeated

The Central Alberta Buccaneers, for the first time in franchise history, are going to the AFL Championship.

Undefeated Bucs rest before semi-finals

Bucs undefeated in regular season, setting sights on championship.

Pirates eye first undefeated finish to regular season

Buccaneers win at home and raise funds for breast cancer research.

Pirates sit on top

The Central Alberta Buccaneers have secured first place in the AFL with a victory over the Calgary Gators.

Buccaneers celebrate major victory

Area senior mens football club clobbers rival 79-0

Buccaneers set their sights on provincial title

Buccaneers defeat Lloydminster Vandals with strong win. Tied for first in league.

Junior Broncs hopeful for next football season

Junior Broncs football program sees a positive outlook for next season.

Buccaneers set sights on championship trophies

The Central Alberta Buccaneers are busily preparing for their upcoming 2016 season.

Bucs end season with the semifinals

Bucs lose to Monarchs in semi-finals matchup on August 29.

Bucs reach semi finals

The Central Alberta Buccaneers entered the first round of the playoffs when they kicked off against the Edmonton Stallions.

Buccaneers end season with win

The Central Alberta Buccaneers kicked off in Airdrie against the 2015 the Irish, in the last week of regular season AFL play.

Buccaneers prevail in the race for third place

Buccaneers prevail in the race for third place - by Todd Lewis

Bucs win in landslide

On July 11, Central Alberta Buccaneers (3-1) kicked off against the Lloydminster Vandals.

Convincing win gives Bucs second place in AFL

The Central Alberta Buccaneers secured second place in the AFL as well as a playoffs bye and semifinals home game when they triumphed

Bucs finally plunder the Wolfpack, 34-28

The Central Alberta Buccaneers battled their way to a win over the Calgary Wolfpack July 6 for the first time in 12 years.

Bucs force the Vandals to walk the plank

The Central Alberta Buccaneers have improved their record to 2-0 after overwhelming the Lloydminster Vandals, 62-7.

Bucs trump Edmonton rivals in season kickoff

The Central Alberta Buccaneers kicked off their regular season June 1, defeating their longtime rivals, the Edmonton Stallions, 34-7.

Alberta and Quebec are different, yet still similar

Even Alberta economists need to get out of their home province and stomp around the rest of the country now and then.

What future for loonie?

What’s the forecast for the Canadian dollar in the second half of 2012?