Treena Mielke

Facebook – pros and cons

My sister and her husband came to visit on the weekend.

Four weddings in summer cause for lots of celebrating

My husband and I have attended four weddings this summer, a clear indication that the institution of marriage is alive and well

Keep wild rose on license plates

The wild rose continues to flourish abundantly in our roadside ditches and spill out unexpectedly in cracks and crannies everywhere.

A day in summer

It was a blue and green day in summer and the heat shimmered on cement so hot you could fry an egg on it.

A new season is just around the corner

Spring is certainly out there somewhere!

Numbers up for Rimbey’s Women’s Conference

A women’s conference held in Rimbey Feb. 13 was a great way to give the ladies in attendance a chance to color their world

Thoughts on the Olympics

As I write this column the men’s hockey team from Canada is playing the U.S. in the semifinal game.

The perils of winter

February is turning out to be a grumbling, grouchy old month.

Rimbey’s annual women’s day offers potpourri of events

Let’s Colour Our World, the theme of this year’s Rimbey’s annual women’s conference, is reflected in the choice of sessions

Reflections from a movie

The last scene, what really happened? What do a movie, a town council meeting, a library board meeting and a church service have in common?

Stepping through the day one step at a time

For me, Christmas was a kaleidoscope of all kinds of wonderful; laughter, presents, family, friends, and food.

Shovels and neighbours get you out of snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. There is a lot of good to be said about snow.

Maybe we do need a little Christmas

Christmas is starting to pop up everywhere. As I start the bumpy drive to work which means I am driving on icy rutted roads

Lest we forget – How can we?

The newspaper headlines, now faded and yellowed with age, read ‘Germany Defeated.’

Belly dancing is good for body and soul

For the last decade, Gabriella Bache has faithfully made the weekly trek from Sylvan Lake to Rimbey to teach students belly dancing

Kitchen table politics is strong

The race is on! All over Alberta candidates, like so many toy soldiers, are hosting up their signs and slogans, ready to do battle.

The truth comes in different forms for everyone

What is the real story? Nomination day is drawing closer and even though I haven’t seen a lot of campaign signs, candidates,

Wasn’t that the party!

It started off as an item on my summer bucket list, scribbled in haste on the back of a crumpled envelope hidden in the dark recesses

Where are the candidates?

It seems a lot of politicians aren’t talking right now, even though fall elections are only a few short weeks away.

Gull Lake toxic water advisory raises concerns, questions

Alberta Health’s toxic water advisory shutting down Gull Lake has left at least one person somewhat perplexed about the validity