Treena Mielke

Committee formed to recruit new doctors for Rimbey

Physicians needed at Rimbey Medical Clinic

Mackenzie Skeels wins title of Rimbey rodeo queen

Rimbey rodeo queen and princess prepare for busy year ahead

Ponoka county reeve will let his name stand in October election

Ponoka County Reeve Paul McLauchlin’s 10 years in municipal politics has in…

Remembering a long ago day in May

COLUMN: Speaking to the long weekend and all its goodness.

COLUMN: Childhood roots run deep

It takes a community to raise a child, as discussed in this week's Ponoka News column.

Reflections on Mother’s Day’s pros and cons

COLUMN: This week's column looks at Mother's Day and what it means to be a mother.

Women’s conference promises a potpourri of events

The Rimbey 31st annual Women’s Conference, Life’s a Potpourri, is aptly named.

Holiday feeling doesn’t have to end as new year begins

It's time to move on to the new year, so says Treena Mielke in her column for Ponoka News.

Rimbey to take part in Big Valley Jamboree challenge

The Town of Rimbey has an opportunity to be host to Big Valley Jamboree’s Small Town Saturday Night coming up next year.

Central Alberta author Myrna Pearman pens new book

Stunning photographs by local photographer lead to creation of new book, ‘Beauty Everywhere’

Strawberry rhubarb crumble pie

My housewifely pride escalated to dizzying heights last Sunday when I lifted the strawberry/rhubarb crumble pie out of my oven.

Swinging into another golf season

Visualize! Work hard! Dream and plan and you can make it happen!

Facebook – pros and cons

My sister and her husband came to visit on the weekend.

Four weddings in summer cause for lots of celebrating

My husband and I have attended four weddings this summer, a clear indication that the institution of marriage is alive and well

Keep wild rose on license plates

The wild rose continues to flourish abundantly in our roadside ditches and spill out unexpectedly in cracks and crannies everywhere.

A day in summer

It was a blue and green day in summer and the heat shimmered on cement so hot you could fry an egg on it.

A new season is just around the corner

Spring is certainly out there somewhere!

Numbers up for Rimbey’s Women’s Conference

A women’s conference held in Rimbey Feb. 13 was a great way to give the ladies in attendance a chance to color their world

Thoughts on the Olympics

As I write this column the men’s hockey team from Canada is playing the U.S. in the semifinal game.

The perils of winter

February is turning out to be a grumbling, grouchy old month.