Treena Mielke

Fun happens anywhere

It is the season of the summer. It is the time, once again, to bring out the crazy patchwork quilt of days

A good start on the bucket list

I’m not sure if I like summer or Christmas best, but, really, I think it would have to be summer.

Talented musicians come together

Debbie Bergeron was four years old and living in British Columbia when she belted out her first country song into a microphone set up

Helm nominated for volunteer award

A volunteer often seen behind the scenes helping out whenever and wherever she can,

MS awareness not just a month, a lifetime

I walked into the council chambers, my high heels making clicking sounds on the polished tile.

42 is about lessons

I took another long, slow swallow of my Diet Coke and shoved a generous handful of popcorn into my mouth, spilling some down

Miss Teen Ponoka County serves tea at Rimbey fundraiser

Miss Teen Ponoka County proved she is just as much at home pouring tea and serving sandwiches

Community garden pros outweigh the cons

Last year a friend of mine, a visionary, with a quick smile and an even quicker mind, suggested we share a garden spot.

Young boys are noise with dirt who eat everything

They are sugar and spice and everything nice. They are instant sunshine, barefooted angels

Hooves and Horns at Bullarama

Lots of exciting action is coming up in Rimbey when the Hooves & Horn Bullarama comes to town.

Thankfully, Mozart’s music is heard today

Greed. Jealousy. Gossip. Even hatred. I was stretched out on my couch, all tucked in under my soft yellow quilt

Childs’ games equal health

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to be a couch potato?

Childhood imagination leads to healthier lifestyles

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to be a couch potato?

Women’s conference offers diversity

Diversity, the theme of this year’s Rimbey’s annual women’s conference, is reflected in the choice of as well as the variety

Gov’t cause of bad luck

I had a really, really bad day Wednesday, which I blame totally on the government.

Reflections of a long, snowy Alberta winter

It has been less than a month since the first day of winter, and already I am sick of it.

Christmas comes and goes leaving only time to breathe

Christmas deadline past, time to move on. It seems we’ve hit the off season.

Look for the magic of Christmas

Merry Christmas! It’s time. Time to hurry up and get it all done.

Power bills will soar, Anglin warns

Albertans can expect their electricity bills to soar in the new year, says MLA and Wildrose energy critic Joe Anglin.

Sip your troubles away with a friend

There is a lot to be said for the simple things in life.