Treena Mielke

Innovative funding for Ponoka’s schools

Wolf Creek Public Schools has come up with innovative funding measures to keep the wheels of progress moving for long overdue

Count down to holidays

For every thing there is a season. And now, as summer flourishes and ripens into August

Music greats get together for stories and songs

Two country music greats will get together this summer to provide their audience with a delightful mix of stories and songs.

Going to the fair brings out the kid in all of us

Most days I am a responsible adult doing my best to follow a strict regime of diet, exercise and not too much TV.

Hockey players tour China for Triple A tourney

Lane Moore is a school principal by profession, but his passion lies not only within the classroom, but also out on the ice

It’s not about catching fish

The fish were lying in a sink full of tepid water when I got home, obviously very dead.