How about making some less stressful New Year’s Resolutions

How about making some less stressful New Year’s Resolutions

This week’s Hammertime celebrates the New Year and looks to 2018

As we now wind down from what was hopefully a glorious Christmas celebration and prepare to gingerly but optimistically head into yet another year, we will therefore look back and see what we accomplished over the past 365 days of 2017, and then proceed to surge ahead with the usual resolutions, wishes, goals, and promises of what we might strive to achieve in 2018.

Yours truly has never done very well with this type of thing, usually struggling through the first month or so before finding excuses as to why I will never complete most of those lofty promises that I boldly announced at the annual New Year’s Eve celebration.

Now that I have somehow managed to survive a mostly exciting rush over the past 75 years, I guess I really don’t have to make a whole lot of new resolutions. This is simply because I am quite happy at the much more mellowed pace that I am rolling along right now. I have been blessed with a wonderful bunch of family and friends, and I would most likely forget my New Year’s ‘To Do’ list long before spring arrives on the scene.

Whatever the case, please don’t stress out and be too hard on yourself as you plan and pursue your 2018 promises and goals, keeping in mind that even if you don’t accomplish them all, they should always be a ‘feel good success’ and sincere effort for both you and yours. On that note I will present a few of the Hammer’s resolutions as well as just a few ‘fun-shots’ for 2018.

Of course the longstanding and traditional New Year’s resolutions have and always will be to: lose weight, quit smoking, save money, and to be nicer for most of the year to our loved ones and friends, but those will always be the toughest and most stressful tests of them all. Always try to remember that New Year’s resolutions are usually something that goes in one year and out the other.

Town and county councils…welcome to four more hectic years of serving your thousands of always attentive taxpayers and good luck with getting the best information and making the vital decisions that will assure a bright future for your rural and urban municipalities. A really big goal this time around will be to strive to get along with each other.

To our soldiers, peace-keepers, police, and emergency personnel…our ongoing support and prayers as you proudly serve your country in the most dangerous occupations in the world.

Federal government…quit trying to impress everyone else in the world and tend to the affairs in your own back yard. When and if our great nation ‘goes to pot’ on July 1st will the Feds have all of the jurisdiction in place to assure medical assistance to those who need it, as well as the strict distribution rules , laws, and enforcement of this massive new industry?

Our provincial government…is it not about time that all of our Alberta political parties quit nit-picking at each other, making all sorts of politically incorrect promises, and then quietly taking away more services? For many of our great citizens an election can’t come quick enough.

To minor sports everywhere…lets add more year-round leisure programs and activities that will encourage all age generations to put away the joy sticks, computers, and other gizmos for a while, and then just maybe we will all have a whole lot more time to take part in a real game or vigorous activity that needs some healthy physical energy and offers fresh air and live companionship.

Ponoka Stampede Association…a brand new grandstand in the future along with another rootin’-tootin’ 82nd rodeo show-down in the hot summer of 2018.

To volunteers everywhere…no matter what age you may be you are such a vital gift to the community all year round, and we thank you for your sincere dedication and care.

To our kids and grandchildren…always try to stay young and frisky, and please don’t forget to invite the old folks along for the ride.

To all of our friends and family…you are like fine wine that will get better with age. True companions should always last for a lifetime, no matter what.

To the entertainment industry…more family shows and less commercials, and please make a few more movies that we can still watch with the kids, where we can laugh and cry together, and where we don’t get shocked or blasted out of our socks and lose our popcorn.

At the Winter Olympics in Korea…lots of medals for our proud Canadian athletes, an ongoing legacy of facilities and funding to give them first class training and the best opportunity to compete, and hopefully there will be no trouble from ‘The Missile Man’ just across the border.

To professional sports and greedy owners…At the present salaries and ticket prices you will soon price yourself right out of the game, leaving millions of very loyal fans of all ages to be very disappointed, but will soon be back on the outdoor rinks or ball diamonds or golf courses or where ever they can have some free fun and fresh air.

One of our main goals at our New Year’s party should be to remember who we came with so that they can drive us home. But in the meantime may everyone have a very happy and successful New Year, and whether it has turned colder or not, just go ahead and have a great week, all of you.