4-H Achievement Day

4-H Beef Show grand champion Jessica Sperber stands with her winning steer Trigger just prior to the sale on May 3.

4-H Beef Show grand champion Jessica Sperber stands with her winning steer Trigger just prior to the sale on May 3.


The smell is gone and the dust has settled; another Ponoka District 4-H Beef Show and sale is in the books.

More than 40 youngsters from the 4-H East, West and Central clubs competed in various categories of beef showing at the Ponoka Culture and Recreation Centre on May 3.

The overall grand champion of the event was 17-year-old Jessica Sperber of the West club. In the end, her steer, named Trigger, sold for 2.70/lb. to Almita Manufacturing, earning her nearly $4,000.

Her heifer, Tommi, will show with her over the summer.

With her win, Sperber is invited to the awards banquet on June 5. The banquet is an opportunity for the youngsters to thank the buyers, who are also invited and to receive the prizes.

Sperber says she put a lot of work into the steer, including bathing and feeding.

“He has a big body and long pop line. He’s good and well balanced,” said Sperber in an interview at the show.

This competition is nothing new to Sperber though, as she has spent eight years with the 4-H club. Sperber, followed suit when her sister joined the club.

“It’s a really great program. I’ve always had an interest in it because I live on a farm,” said Sperber. “It’s been really beneficial (being in 4-H).”

Through the 4-H club, Sperber has won a $2,000 scholarship from the Calgary Stampede Synergy Show in 2010 and $450 for public speaking at the district level.

Sperber plans to pursue a career in agriculture business after university.

The 4-Hers were also judged on various categories during the two-day event, including grooming and showmanship.

The champions for specific groups were: Kiara Kjenner for the East club; and Ashley Gartner for the Central club.

The steers sold at the auction averaged at just under $2/lb thanks to the support of numerous companies and individuals.

The community support for the event was second to none, with VJV Auction and Big Ben Market purchasing two steers each and many other local businesses pitching in and purchasing steers.

The charity steer, named Waldo, who was raised and fed by the Sperber family sold to Ken and Ilene Hehr, raising $3,550 for charities the 4-H clubs support.

4-H Beef Show and Sale Winners

• Grand champion: Jessica Sperber, West Club

• Reserve grand champion: Ashley Gartner, Central Club

• West club champion: Jessica Sperber

• West club reserve champion: Tyson Matejka

• East club champion: Kiara Kjenner

• East club reserve champion: Nola Curran

• Central club champion: Ashley Gartner

• Central reserve champion: Chase Fleck.