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4-H species judging beneficial to everyday life

The Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Company was busy with excitement as local 4-H clubs hosted their annual Multi Species Judging on April 5.
Calee Dufva evaluates a group of horses in the 4-H Multi Species judging competition.

The Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Company was busy with excitement as local 4-H clubs hosted their annual Multi Species Judging on April 5.

Members of junior, intermediate and senior age groups observed different categories of animals and competed in judging them for prizes and a chance to move on to regional and possibly provincial level judging competitions.

The categories that were judged included dairy, horses, dogs, seeds and photography.

Participants examined every aspect of each category and made their decision by placing of the class in order from most desirable to least desirable and writing their reasons to back up their decision.

The only category that the participants had to give their reasons orally was photography. Key member of the Silver Valley district Calee Dufva believes that the Multi Species Judging is very beneficial and helps in everyday life.

“It’s a great experience for kids and really beneficial,” said Dufva.“You learn to explain yourself and justify your answers. You may not always be right but you are marked for your reasons. It really teaches you communication skills and how to articulate yourself. You can know how to be a prominent member of society that can stand up and justify what you say.”

The judging process helps participants to learn and evaluate as well as make decisions and gain confidence in those decisions.

Joyce Winter committee member for the district multi species for the East Zone was pleased with the judging and believes that the participants gain a well-rounded appreciation by being actively involved in this event.

“It goes with our slogan of learning to do by doing,” said Winter. “They learn written and oral communication, and to think on their feet and organize their thoughts. It teaches them responsibility and is a great learning experience. It gives them an appreciation of the other projects involved and helps them know how to pick their project in the fall when the year starts.”

Winter also sees that events like these are an opportunity to get together and have fun.

“It’s also good interaction with members from different clubs,” she said. “There’s a really strong socializing aspect.”

At the end of the judging competition results were tallied and everyone swarmed into the main arena to await the results of the judging.

Winter introduced the people who had provided the competition with the horses, dairy cows, seeds and photographs and presented them with a token of appreciation for contributing.

The winners from each age category received a top quality portfolio and those in second place were presented with a sweatshirt.

Winter believes the event was a success and was pleased with the results of the day.

“It was a really good day,” she said. “It was a great experience for the kids.”

Full results of the judging competition were not available at press time.