Access for all at Ponoka Jubilee Library

Library provides a wide variety of ways to enjoy books and more

We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome at Ponoka Jubilee Library, to know that we are willing to help people out who have special considerations or concerns. To that end, we want to make people aware of some services that we are willing to offer, or can help set people up with.

Many people aren’t aware of the large number of audiobooks that we have available for our library patrons to borrow. These books are all in CD format, some regular and some MP3, and are borrowed for three weeks at a time, the same as a regular book. They can be used by anyone, whether you have a print disability or not. There is one section of audiobooks located on the same racks as our DVD collection, and another collection of CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) audiobooks located right by the circulation desk. If you are print disabled, please feel free to ask a staff member to help you sort through the CNIB discs; we can read titles, authors, and descriptions for you. We also offer two Daisy Readers, a simple CD player meant to be used with the CNIB audiobooks, which can be borrowed from the library and used in your home.

We are also aware that not everyone is actually able to make it into the library due to mobility issues. If this applies to you, or to a member of your family, please feel free to contact the library and we can arrange for a volunteer to bring items to your home. We will ask you to fill out a form with what type of items you would like to receive, whether it be DVDs, books, magazines, or audiobooks, as well as some of your favourite authors and interests. Our staff will do our best to find items that you will enjoy and send them your way, and when the items come due we will make sure that someone comes by to pick them up. We will work to fine-tune the selections as time goes along, with input from you on past items.

For those of you who work irregular hours and can’t make it into the library when we are open, you can go online to our catalogue and request items to be mailed to your home. The items will come from libraries around the Parkland Regional Library system, and will arrive in your mail box. When you are done with them you can either drop them through our afterhours return slot, or send them back in the mail with the prepaid shipping label that is included with your items. This service can also be used by anyone concerned with allergy issues at our library.

So remember, we’re here to make sure everyone can use the library, and it’s all free with your free library membership.

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