All about the old rules and Noah’s wisdom

This week's Hammertime the fun memories of child years.

When we were kids, and for me that was about 60 years ago, you and I lived by a pretty strict set of day-to-day rules, where the cardinal household ultimatum was to do as you are told or face the consequences. Some of these old time rules of growing up may have included chores and homework first and play later, keep your room clean, be polite and respect your elders, eat what is put in front of you for meals after you have washed your hands, in bed by 8 p.m. on weekdays except for holidays, share, no lies, and be nice, especially to your little brothers and sisters. The bottom line of our very existence and survival in those wild and wonderful days of our youth was that excuses and tall tales usually never worked around parents and teachers, and if we crossed the line, the punishment wasn’t far behind.

It all sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? But then again, if we stayed in line, at least most of the time, there were usually lots of perks along the way for tots to teens such as summer holidays and camp, sleepovers and sleep-outs, pets, birthday parties, going to the school dance without parents, some of those new clothes that everyone else was wearing, a new bike, a very small allowance, and even staying out later on Friday nights, and maybe even the use of the family car… As a family, we somehow managed to learn and look forward to eating together, going to church together, playing together, laughed and cried together, made lots of friends, loved family outings, and always took some precious time each week to sit down together and share a good old honest ‘beef and bouquet’ session. Of course, this delicate ‘family formula’ never was and will be anywhere near perfect, but somehow through the good times and the bad, we will work real hard and compromise, manage to survive, and stay friends for life. The greatest reward as we look back is sharing the memories of our magic journey of ‘all in the family’ with our own children and grandchildren, as well as always striving to be loyal neighbours and friends. Bottom line, has it really changed that much from yesterday to today? Probably a little more complicated with a whole lot more 24-7 attractions and distractions for all ages, which only clarifies the upmost importance of keeping the ‘family circle’ intact to cope with it all. Maybe it all can be accomplished by simply following ‘Noah’s’ rules from many centuries ago before that lifesaving arc set sail.

*Don’t miss the boat; remember that we are all in the same boat together; plan ahead…it wasn’t raining when the arc was built; don’t listen to critics…just get on with the job and get it done; build your future on high ground; for safety’s sake travel in pairs; speed isn’t always an advantage…the snails were on board with the cheetahs; when we are stressed, float awhile; always remember that the arc was built by amateurs and the Titanic by professionals; no matter what the storm, there will always be a rainbow waiting; and always try to stay fit, because like good old Noah, when we are 60 years old, someone may ask us to do something really big. Have a great week, all of you.


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