Anglican church offers Ponoka a reason to believe

Ponoka will be given a chance to find a reason to believe on May 7 to 9 at St. Mary’s Anglican Church.

Ponoka will be given a chance to find a reason to believe on May 7 to 9 at St. Mary’s Anglican Church.

The event is free and is open to everyone who is interested and Rev. Brian Melbourne from St. Mary’s will be one of the speakers.

“It’s an event for the purpose of reaching people who are either non-believers or who have a lot of questions of what religion is about,” said Melbourne.

The event will feature three interactive speakers; Thomas Brauer, a pastor from St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Edmonton, Rick Chapman from Edmonton’s inner cities pastoral ministry and Melbourne.

Music will also be featured including an adaptation of Rod Stewart’s song, ‘Reason to Believe.’

“It’s completely free and food will be provided,” said Melbourne. “It will be kind of like a dinner theatre set-up with a different speaker every evening. We will be beginning with God, then Jesus and then the Church. There will be a lot of overlapping because we know people will not be able to attend each evening.”

Melbourne hopes this event will help people grow and build on their preexisting thoughts.

“There are a lot of people who are of spiritual nature but only in a vague way, the purpose of this event is to help people develop that,” he said.

Melbourne believes that the event is needed in Ponoka and may answer questions people may have.

“There’s always a need because a lot of the churches have lost a couple of generations of people,” he said. “We know that people have questions and if we can answer those questions to satisfaction then we will have succeeded.”

Melbourne is looking forward to the event and believes that the outcome of the evenings may be very beneficial to those that attend.

“Our goal is to spread the Gospel to maybe answer questions that people may have in their mind and to help them make sense of the spiritual things they may feel but may not be able to identify it and help them as it relates to the truth about God,” he said.

The Reason to Believe nights will take place from May 7 to 9 beginning at 7:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s Anglican Church in Ponoka.

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