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Automated meters replaced in Ponoka County

The County of Ponoka is experiencing some change in regards to their electrical meters

The County of Ponoka is experiencing some change in regards to their electrical meters. Presently, FortisAlberta is working on replacing 1,700 automated electrical meters for home and farm customers in the County.

The installation is taking place in January and Febraury.

These automated meters will provide up-to-date readings to both the company and the customer/resident.

The meters will also help the company be more environmentally friendly and efficient.

“The new, automated meters can be read remotely, eliminating the need for manual readings and therefore reducing vehicle CO2 emissions by 1,000 tonnes annually,” said Robyn Crawford, corporate communications advisor for FortisAlberta. “The new meters will allow FortisAlberta to provide more up-to-date meter readings, which can help customers to track their consumption.”

When the meters are installed they will be manually read for the first few months while the company finishes its testing.

The installations take approximately 10 minutes to complete and there will be a short power outage. Those from FortisAlberta who come to install them will notify the customer before putting in the meter. If the person is away, they will leave a notice stating that they installed it or that they need to schedule an appointment to install it.

In the next two years FortisAlberta will be putting in 400,000 automated meters in the province.

For more information contact FortisAlberta at 310-WIRE (310-9473).