Be a 4-H key member today


Silver Valley 4H Riders and

Ponoka District Key member

Hello all 4-H members.

Allow me a few moments of your time to explain who a Key member is. Key members are senior members aged 15 to 20 years who have set themselves apart through their initiative, leadership and maturity.

The Key member program was created to increase the successful exchange of information between club members, leaders, district council and their surrounding community. A Key member’s responsibility will change from task to task. From organizing and facilitating workshops, to acting as a reliable helper between club members and council, from assisting club members with record books to organizing events with Key leaders, to serving as a resource for the 4-H community.

The role of a key member is never boring. They must make themselves known to clubs, volunteers and leaders.

This is my first year being an active Key member. So far, I have done a diary workshop for the Rimbey 4-H Multi Club and got to be emcee for our district public speaking contest.

Now that spring is here, clubs begin to get more active and I will be attending East Ponoka 4-H Beef Club and Central 4-H Ponoka Beef Club’s Mini Show, Ponoka Trade Fair, and the Farm Fair at Northlands. My experience so far has been amazing.

Each year they are looking for new Key members, so if you’re interested in having some extra fun, and a new challenge, you might want to consider being a Key member.