Column: Crestomere 4-H have been busy

Column: Crestomere 4-H have been busy

My name is Hudson Gillard and I am reporting on behalf of Crestomere 4-H Multiclub.

We held our 12th annual meeting on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Crestomere School.

Our annual elections filled the following positions:

President – Sophia Hoogland; Vice President – Charlotte Cutts; Secretary – Aspen McTaggart; Treasurer – Teresa Cutts; Parliamentarian – Aidren May; Historian – Kolton Hoogland; Club Reporter – Hudson Gillard.

District Council Representatives are Kolton Hoogland and Teresa Cutts.

This year’s leaders will be as follows:

Club Leader – Beatrix Stamm Assistant Leaders – Morena Stamm, Kendra Frank, Melissa Stephenson Project leaders – Laverne Seib, Mandi Krause, Darryl Gillard, Larry Gillard, Mike Black, Kathy McTaggart, Dawn Marie Gillard, Mandie Gillard, Brandi Morneau, Char Roeland, Brad Steeves, Chris Woods and Steve Stephenson.

This year’s projects are Sheep, Small Engines,Woodworking,Foods/Outdoor Adventure and Cleavers.

We went over last year’s achievements day and got feedback from our club on how to make it even better for this year. After the annual meeting we had lunch together and played games.

Our next meeting will be held Saturday, November 17 at Crestomere School followed by a project day!