Community garden update from Ponoka Jubilee Library

This week's library column looks at upcoming changes to parking and the community garden.

We have had questions from a number of people in regards to our community garden, mainly because it’s a frightful mess right now. We realize it doesn’t look very nice, but unfortunately it won’t be changing anytime soon, because the community garden will not be continuing. There are a couple of reasons for this, but by far the biggest is the fact that we will no longer have a water supply for the garden, as the adjacent house which we attached our hose to is being knocked down this summer. Without water, a garden simply can’t happen. The good thing is that when the house gets knocked down, the planters are supposed to go with, so the mess will disappear. We want to thank the Town of Ponoka for letting us use the land for our garden for the past two years, as well as supplying the manpower to build the planters and all of the water that has helped it grow so well. And thank you to all the businesses, community members and the Ponoka Youth Centre for their time and donations of supplies. There is still some rhubarb growing over there, so feel free to pick some for home use.

Speaking of things being knocked down, we’re sure by now that most people are aware that the old town hall, our neighbour to the east, is being torn down. This means that the parking spots that used to be used for the town staff, and have been available for library patrons to use since late last year, will not be available during the destruction period. We know that we are very limited in available parking spaces, so it’s very tempting to park in a staff parking spot (any of the four spots to the north of our side door), but we do ask that you refrain from doing so. We’re hoping that after the old building is knocked down, the parking spots will once again be open for patrons to use. Thanks for your patience and cooperation with this.

We’re getting super excited about our upcoming TD Summer Reading Club, which runs in July and August. This program is to help keep school-aged children reading and learning over the summer vacation. The program is offered for children ages five to 12, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is being run by our returning summer programmer, Emma Neufeld. She will be leading the kids in activities and games, making crafts with them, all while encouraging them to read as much as they can in order to earn prizes. Registration runs from June 13 to June 30, so come on down to the library to fill out your forms, and pick up your goody bags.

Coming soon: When two roads diverge…take the one that leads to the beach. Hannah McKinnon delivers a charming gem of a novel in ‘Mystic Summer’, a great summer read.