Community group hosting Tragically Hip live viewing

Community group hosting Tragically Hip last concert showing.

Anyone wishing to catch the last Tragically Hip concert but doesn’t have tickets will be able to make it to the gig on the big projector screen at the Kinsmen Community Centre.

The Ponoka Recreation Advisory Committee is hosting a live viewing of the Tragically Hip at the Kinsmen Community Centre Saturday, Aug. 20. As the concert will be broadcast live by CBC, the group is looking to use this as a fundraiser for recreation activities in Ponoka, explained chairperson Justin Kelly.

Kelly feels there is a way to raise money for the future recreation needs of Ponoka considering the plans being made by the town to expand on recreation services. He hopes to also recruit new members to the committee and at the same time give residents a fun evening watching the Tragically Hip on a large projector screen with a good sound system.

“I’ve been a huge Tragically Hip fan for many years,” stated Kelly of the idea.

“It’s the last time probably anyone’s going to see them live.”

On board with the event is the Town of Ponoka. Councillors waived the rental fee at the centre in the hopes the group will raise more money for their plans. Kelly Budd’s mobile concession will be on site at the event as it is quite short notice. The money is going directly to a community cause.

“It’s just going to be strictly for recreation facility project funding or if we’re going to host other fundraising events,” he explained.

For details call Kelly at: 403-704-7042 or call Julie Feragen at 403-357-8346.