Great gift from Garth

Four girls 'floored' with seat upgrade at recent Garth Brooks concert in Edmonton

Garth Brooks made the day for four girls by gifting them front row seats at his Feb. 10 concert

Garth Brooks made the day for four girls by gifting them front row seats at his Feb. 10 concert

For those that have been Garth Brooks fans for a while, this story won’t really be a surprise.

However, for four girls from the area, it was the biggest and best shock they could ever have.

Persja Potts and three of her friends -Camryn Willier, Emma Christiansen and Madison Resler – were all excited to attend the Garth Brooks concert on Feb. 17.

So, prior to settling into their seats way up in the middle of the nosebleed section in one of the corners of the arena, the four decided to get in line for some merchandise. That’s when everything changed.

The four were approached by a man, who asked them if they had ever been to Rogers Place before and if this was the group’s first show. All four responded that this was the first time they has ever been to see Garth Brooks AND it was also the four girls first visit to Rogers Place.

Girls at concert

It was then that the guy presented the four with front row floor seats, informing them that the tickets were a gift from Garth and his wife Trisha Yearwood, who was also going to be performing with him during the show.

Well, the girls did what teenaged girls do – screamed and cried as they were so happy. That was quickly followed by messages to each of their parents to tell them what just happened.

According to Potts’ father, all of the parents were excited and thrilled for the girls about the wonderful gift that each girl will remember for the rest of their lives.

Garth is well-known for taking care of his fans, from maintaining the same price for every seat in the buildings he plays to shocking some with upgraded seats to adding concert date after concert date just so as many fans can see him as possible.

***This story has been updated to correct a date and a name.***