Legion awards members at annual ceremony

Ponoka’s Royal Canadian Legion Branch #66 held its annual honours and awards ceremony at the Legion premises on Saturday, Nov. 22

The colour party

The colour party

Ponoka’s Royal Canadian Legion Branch #66 held its annual honours and awards ceremony at the Legion premises on Saturday, Nov. 22 with the attendance of municipal and provincial dignitaries and members.

Following the opening ceremonies and dinner, Lacombe-Ponoka MLA Rod Fox addressed the participants saying that he was proud to be part of the event organized to recognize the services of the members to both the Legion and the community. He said he had brought the greetings of the Alberta Legislature to Ponoka’s Legion members.

Mayor Dick Bonnett echoed the sentiments expressed by Fox. “The services you provide make this town a great place to live,” said the mayor. “I thank you on behalf of the town council, town staff and all the residents.”

Ponoka County Deputy Reeve Bryce Liddle also thanked the Legion for their contribution to the community.

Following speeches, the recipients were presented with their medals, bars, pins and certificates.

The list of the recipients of awards and honours at this year’s banquet is as follows:

Legion Awards:

Ordinary Members

Five years: Maurice Paul, Leo Belanger, James Marshall, Adrian Verburg

Ten years: Craig Paterson, Raymond Anderson

Fifteen years: George Streeter

Twenty years: Dorothy Houghton, Darrel Perkins, Wilton Littlechild, Jack Hyland

Twenty-five years: Phyllis Carmichael

Thirty years: Gary Armagost, Donald Dillon

Thirty-five years: John Wills, D.Redding, Ed Winter

Forty years: Walt Burchnall

Associate Members

Five years: Lorraine Bailer, Denise Bos, Ilona Carter, Kim Evernden, Rick Evernden, Ron Labrie, Maria Lentz, Chad McIsaac, Kathy Miller-Sande, Roy Parker, Gary Sande, Bonnie Sandin

Ten years: Sybil Evans, Alastair Colquhon, Lynnette Johnston, Glen Wright, Patricia Weinkauf

Fifteen years: Mellody McNeil, Bob Smith, Margo Moench

Twenty years: Elizabeth Morrow, Robi Ferguson, Sylvia Cire, Marlene Ferguson, Reg Rust

Twenty-five years: Charles Patterson, William Dillen, Kevin Hildebrandt, Christine Kawamura

Thirty years: D’Arcy Greene, Pearl Sherman

Thirty-five years: Reg Johnson, Dan Churchill, Linda Richard

Forty years: George Crowhurst, G. Dahms,, Neil Lalonde, M.L. Martens. J. Dickau, H.D. Lawton

Affiliate voting members

Five years: Ken Andreychuk, Sheila Rodney, Russell Buksa, Sandra Olafson

Ten years: Richard Kelly, Verlea Mack

Fifteen years: Dale Moench

Certificate of Appreciation

Bing Jones, Syd Vopni, Barb Olsen, Jerry’s Painting

Certificate of Merit

Doug Gill, Dennis Ensminger, Dave Hunka, Rema Marney

Medals and bars

Gorge Streeter, Aldred Sande, R.E Morrell, David Spink, Michelle Comeau, Steve Giles, Pat Myttenar, Barb Olsen, Stan Orlesky, Marlene Perry

Ladies Auxiliary Pins and Awards

Twenty-year pin: Madam Judy Soucy

Twenty-five year pin: Madam Sheila Debney

Thirty-five year pin: Madam Marlene Ferguson

Forty-year pin: Madam Barbara Gershner

Fifty-year pin: Madam Anne Shelley

Sixty-year pin: Madam Gladys Davenport, Madam Lucille McMechan

Bars and medals

Madam Mary Kjorline, Madam Dorothy Houghton, Madam Pat Myttenar

Ladies Auxiliary Branch Service Medals

Madam Helen Churchill, Madam Mary Kjorlien, Madam Irene Rosin, Madam Pat Myttenar