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Loaded Sea-can trailer transports survival tools

The best way to help a person is to empower them and give them the tools to survive.
Roy and Eileen Kinnaird want to fill this 40-foot trailer with supplies for a school in Honduras.

The best way to help a person is to empower them and give them the tools to survive.

That’s what one Ponoka couple is trying to do. Roy and Eileen Kinnaird have a 40 foot Sea-can trailer that will help Adventures in Missions (AIM), a Christian organization working to empower impoverished people, bring supplies to a trade school and health clinic in El Cacao, Honduras.

The Kinnairds have for the last 11 years been travelling to El Cacao to help children and they helped develop a health clinic in the area, which opened its doors in 2009, says Mrs. Kinnaird. “You come back and you realize how much you’ve got.”

The clinic operates six days a week and the Kinnairds are looking for working medical and dental supplies to help the clinic’s needs. Since then a trade school was started to help children who could not afford to go to high school after Grade 6.

If these kids do not further their education they usually end up in gangs, explained Mrs. Kinnaird. The trade school has opened recently and 20 students have registered, including four girls. “It is really pleasing to see there are four girls to graduate.”

“If we can educate the young people so they don’t end up in the street, they have a hope for the future,” said Mrs. Kinnaird.

The Kinnairds are looking for used or new items that are in good state to provide students. They hope to fill the container with tools, medical supplies and other items for students. They have already been able to collect desks and other school supplies from a Wolf Creek Public Schools auction last year.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help these people,” offered Mrs. Kinnaird.

Despite not being able to speak the language the Kinnairds have found lasting friendships with families in El Cacao. Bringing important school and medical supplies is important to both of them. They will have the trailer until between Oct. 7 to 11 and will send the Sea-can to a not-for-profit organization called the Emmanuel Foundation in St. Albert. What is left in the container will be filled to the top with more medical supplies.

The Kinnairds already have some supplies but they invite anyone interested to contact them as there are still items they need.

“Whatever we get, we’ll send,” stated Mrs. Kinnaird.

They have already received support from members of the Church of the Open Bible and they look forward to filling up the container.

“The whole community, the whole area seems to be behind us,” said Mr. Kinnaird.

The Sea-can is intended to stay in El Cacao to also give the school more security for their items as supplies have been stolen at times.

For more information contact the Kinnairds at 403-783-2753. AIM’s website is