Local artist makes a world of difference

Artist Inge Sybrandi has compiled her works into a calendar to help show her art and make a difference. Above drawing is chuckwagon driver Dallas Dorchester.

Artist Inge Sybrandi has compiled her works into a calendar to help show her art and make a difference. Above drawing is chuckwagon driver Dallas Dorchester.

Art can have many purposes and meanings. It connects people, draws emotions, and is generally aesthetically pleasing.

One of Ponoka’s artists is using her art in a big way. Inge Sybrandi has been working hard over the year putting together a calendar of her drawings.

The calendar, Alberta Cowboys, feature drawings mostly of local people. The drawings are closely connected to Ponoka and reflect the heart and reputation that Ponoka has.

“Rodeo and ranching is kind of what Ponoka is about. It’s not just the rodeo but the cattle, farming, branding, etc.,” said Sybrandi.

Money from this calendar will go to the Rainbow Society, an organization that gives wishes to sick kids in communities like Ponoka, all over Alberta.

“Each year I like to choose an organization that makes a difference, something that really touches me. The Rainbow Society is a great organization, very personal,” she said. “I know that the money will be used and will go directly to someone who needs it. They really believe in what they’re doing which is really inspiring.”

Sybrandi made her first calendar last year, which proved to be extremely successful. She had sold out her 1,000 and made $10,000 to give to the Canadian Cancer Society.

This year she is hoping to sell out again, this time, there are 2,500 calendars that are available.

A lot of time and effort has gone into creating the drawings and putting them into a calendar form.

“I’ve been working on the calendar a few months on and off from since February or March, some of these drawings have over 30 hours on them,” said Sybrandi. “It was difficult to decide what to put in the calendar in order to make it coherent. I have so many pictures.”

Sybrandi came up with the idea partially to help benefit other organizations and also to get her name and artwork out into the community and beyond.

“I was looking for a way to have my drawings seen by more people,” she said. “I figured if I go out and take pictures of people around here, I would find different and more authentic things to portray.”

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The cover of Alberta Cowboys features Dallas Dorchester, a famous chuckwagon driver who lost his battle with cancer this past summer. Sybrandi decided to include him in the calendar because of her ties to him and his family.

“The drawings are of mostly people from around here,” she said. “Dallas Dorchester was important for me to draw. I worked for his nephew and knew him and his family, so I wanted to include him in there as well.”

Sybrandi has enjoyed creating this calendar and says that it has really broadened her knowledge of Ponoka and has helped fine-tune her drawings.

Most of the drawings are taken from pictures Sybrandi took herself while scouting around the countryside and area.

“It’s been a great and positive experience. I get to go out and meet a lot of people from around here. It’s a really good way to get myself out there,” she said. “The calendar has challenged me to do better drawings, I have definitely seen my drawings improve.”

Sybrandi’s calendars are available now for $20 each and can be found at various locations around Ponoka including CIBC Dino’s restaurant, Jones Boys Saddlery and Western Wear, The Jolly Farmer, both vet clinics and Perfection Imaging.

Sybrandi can also be found at the Vold, Jones and Vold Auction Mart every Wednesday.