Lots of Fish and Game information to share

Ponoka Fish and Game busy in its 2015 season with many activities.

We are now in the second quarter of 2015 and here are a few of the regular programs that we do all of the time:

-Archery is now in progress every Wednesday evening and so far has been well attended.

-Trap shooting is on Monday evenings so come on out and join the fun and test your shooting skill on the clay pigeons.

-Pistol shooting is on Tuesday evenings and rifle shooting is on Thursdays.

Follow all of the range rules when attending any of these events or you can lose your membership and range privileges.

There are a great many things going on in the Alberta Fish and Game and all clubs are working toward the preservation of our fish and wildlife, so our future generations will have the wildlife to enjoy in the future. We have some great fishing in Alberta as we still catch some record breakers on occasion – for example, this past year there was a new provincial record walleye caught in the Pembina River by Bob Walker. It weighed 13 lbs. 3 oz. I talked to him at the Trophy Ball and he said he caught one bigger than that last year, but did not weigh it in.

The winning elk measured 401 2/8 inches – not a record but a great trophy for Kent Waddell. It was taken from the Medicine Hat country.

As you can see from these trophy sized fish and elk, we have some great game to enjoy, so let’s help preserve some for our grandkids to enjoy in the future.

At our April club meeting, our membership for this year, so far, was over 600.

Our kids’ camp is in July so there should be lots of people from this amount of members, to volunteer to help out at Kids’ Camp. Give the club a call and let our Kids’ Camp chairman know you are willing to help out.

Our lake will be stalked with fish very soon, so there will be fish to be caught.

The club still holds Firearms Safety courses, so if you plan on hunting this season and you need a course to get your license, you should keep in mind that it takes about 45 days after you send in your paper work to get your license back. If you wait until September or October to take the course, you will have a short hunting season.

In the Outdoor Canada magazine, which our members now receive, there is an article written by our Alberta Fish and Game First Vice President, Doug Butler about fishing and hunting when he was growing up. I thought it was interesting and reminded me of when I was growing up. Lots of things he talked about, I also did back then. My Dad never took me hunting or fishing as he was always busy working, but he taught me how to clean my fish and how to skin and cut up my bigger game.

The weather is improving now, so come on out and shoot some archery and trap.

See you soon

Robert Greene

Publicity Chairman