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Mik Murdoch book series continues with second installment

“If you’re trying to write a perfect sentence…You’re going to keep writing it over and over.” Author Michell Plested
Author of young adult books

Anyone looking for a good young adult book series may find themselves enjoying the story of Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero.

Author Michell Plested has a growing following in his Mik Murdoch book series. The second of six books was recently printed and he took some time Sept. 13 to read some excerpts from the book, The Power Within, at the Ponoka Jubilee Library .

The young adult series, published through Five Rivers Books, is receiving positive reviews online and Plested says his publishers are eager to see the third book.

“That’s a good problem to have,” said Plested.

The story of Mik Murdoch is told in Plested’s first book Boy Superhero, published August 2012, where Murdoch develops powerful abilities. Plested says this new installment finds Murdoch a few months later after the first book ended. Murdoch is facing his powers.

“It’s all about dealing with thing’s he’s never had to face before,” said Plested.

Writing the first and second books has an interesting back-story; Plested says he had already written them some years ago but as his writing improved, re-writing the books was easier than fixing errors in the story.

He says his writing abilities keep improving and important tools such as plot and character development continue to help him write better stories. Plested recommends aspiring writers are better off writing rather than looking for the perfect story.

“If you’re trying to write a perfect sentence…You’re going to keep writing it over and over,” he stated.

He suggests it is better to write the first chapter and return and adjust it later. If faced with writer’s block, Plested says he writes ideas in point form to keep the creative juices flowing.

Big things are planned for the Mik Murdoch series. Plested says a new character introduced in The Power Within will become more important later on in the series. And there are some spin-offs planned for the future as well.

The two books in the series can be purchased from most book retailers including For more information on Plested and progress in his third book check



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