New minister takes over at St. Mary’s


St. Mary’s Anglican Church has a new minister in the pulpit.

Alex Meek, 30, moved from Edmonton to Ponoka in December and had been assisting with the services, but she will now take over full-time.

Meek, who is new to Ponoka, has been a minister for two years and brings with her a husband and a seven-month-old baby.

Meek hopes to focus on young families by bringing back a ‘Moms and Tots’ program to support young families with a variety of exercises and fun events for mothers and young children.

Although she hasn’t spent a lot of time in Ponoka, she has attended the stampede a few times and enjoys the town.

“I really like Ponoka, it’s a good town and the people are nice,” said Meek.

Coming from Edmonton, she hasn’t experienced many small town churches, but she is excited to be a part of the community and to get close to the parishioners.

“At my old church, nobody really knew anyone,” said Meek, “It’ll be nice to have a close-knit church.”