Outreach students pitch in and paint gazebo near Scout Hall

Trent Louis

Trent Louis


“Always leave a place better than you found it.”

The motto frequently used by the Boy Scouts, was taken to heart by the Outreach School on June 2 as students climbed through and around a gazebo near the Scout Hall with paintbrushes in hand careful not to miss any spots — and occasionally getting paint in their hair.

Art teacher Dawn Mueller said a group of Outreach students were sketching and painting near the hall when they came up with an idea for their community beautification project.

“The students saw the gazebo and saw that it needed some work and that’s when we all thought it would be a great idea to incorporate it into our community beautification project,” said Mueller.

“It’s a great park and a great area to visit. I know that a lot of people use the gazebo to sit and enjoy the green space down here.”

The group first had to make sure the scouts were OK with the students giving the gazebo a facelift. Not only were the scouts on board with the idea but they wanted to help out anyway they could as well.

“They supplied us with the paint,” said Mueller, while pouring more of it into a bucket.

The gazebo was donated by the family and friends of Viola Massing in 1997 for her contributions to Ponoka.