PES takes a bite out of healthy living

Eating well and staying active are important components when it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Since March is nutrition month, it seems like a great time to take part in an event that promotes this simple and effective message and recently students, teachers and staff of Ponoka Elementary School (PES) showed their support of healthy living in a great big way.

This year was Foodshare’s second annual “Great Big Crunch” – an event that invites schools across the country to learn about healthy eating and local and global food systems by taking a closer look at the journey of an apple from the planting of a seed and the harvest all the way to the market. When the education portion of the event comes to a conclusion, apples are distributed to everyone who participates and everyone is asked to bite into the fruit at the same time ultimately taking part in cross Canada record setting event.

Classes were registered online prior to the event and on Wednesday, Mar. 11 at 2 p.m. PES bit into their nutritional treats. While the final numbers are not yet available, last year 26,000 people took part and this year the number is expected to be greater.