Brittany Sande. (Photo submitted)

Brittany Sande. (Photo submitted)

PHOTO: Brittany Jo & Co Wellness holds mental health barbecue

Brittany Jo & Co Wellness ran its first community barbecue for Mental Health Week on May 4, raising a total of $405 for mental health and suicide prevention initiatives in the community.

“Within the work I do through Brittany Jo & Co I have seen a huge increase in mental health struggles coming through the door,” said owner Brittany Sande.

”Our clients are ranging from adolescent to adult, and we wanted to give back to the entire community and raise awareness about mental health stigmas.

“I see a huge gap in our mental health system with wait times, and support for some age ranges. With the expansion of the clinic I hope to bring more group therapy, and resources in to provide to the community in a timely manner.”