Ponoka Elementary students team up to help KidSport

A special fundraiser has been organized by Ponoka Elementary Students to benefit KidSport

Ponoka Elementary students team up to help KidSport

Students at Ponoka Elementary School have teamed up to support Ponoka KidSport.

The goal is to raise money for the KidSport program to give youths who can’t afford to enrol in sports that opportunity. It’s an exciting endeavour for the team of students who wanted to benefit the community.

Comprised of a group of ten Grade 5 and 6 students, the team has set the date for Friday, Dec. 14 for the fundraiser which will be held right at the school.

Student Colton Merrill said the hope is to help kids get into a team sport. “I like the idea. We are doing a silent auction,” said Merrill of one of the many events planned for the day.

Dreayle Salteaux said they are working with Ponoka businesses to collect items for the silent auction. For Salteaux, he’s proud to, “…help others that aren’t like us because they don’t have an opportunity to get into sports.”

Student Jeremy Bock supports the idea of raising money for other kids.

Keyana Rawji said the goal is to send 10 kids in low-income families to some type of team sport. Rawji pointed out that each kid would receive $300 if eligible, so the group’s plan is to raise $3,000.

“I’m really nervous but really excited,” said Rawji of their plans.

Another student, Kyson Samson said that the students have a partner and they all provide an event. For his team, they are hosting “A minute to win it.” Other events include fun games, a gingerbread decorating event, the silent auction, plus a fun bake sale.

There is a $2 donation to get in and then students will work with attendees on the fun games. The event runs from 3:30 to 8 p.m.

The entire project was student-driven, with a little help from Brandi Buss. She said that vice-principal Nathan McEntee came up with the carnival idea after seeing the kids all had certain ideas of what to do. They decided to put it all together.

The full list of students involved are: Jeremy Bock, Melissa Lech, Cruz Minde, Colten Merrill, Dreayle Salteaux, Austin Hinkley, Kyson Samson, Keyana Rawji, Alexis Groves and Doc Wiancko.


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