Ponoka Legion recognizes award winners

Ponoka students continue to demonstrate a passion for remembering those that have sacrificed for their country.

Ponoka Legion’s Bob Smith

Ponoka Legion’s Bob Smith

Ponoka students continue to demonstrate a passion for remembering those that have sacrificed for their country.

That showed through last week at the annual banquet to honour the local winners of the 2016 Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day literary and poster contest held at the Ponoka branch on May 17.

In total, there were 30 branch awards handed out in several categories for the four different mediums with submissions. In addition, there were also six local students that achieved awards at the district level. Those award winners were Brock Auclair who finished second in the junior essay, Morgan Thomas second in junior poetry, Zechariah Mathieu second in intermediate poetry, Jessica Mathieu first in senior colour poster, Ethan Smith second in primary black and white poster and Marc Sangabriel second in junior black and white poster.

Sybil Evans, Ponoka Legion past president and the chair of local literary and poster awards, explained the process plus how successful the program has been here.

“The entries come to us from either the schools or from individuals. Those are then numbered so the eight judges don’t know who created the piece,” Evans said.

“Of particular note, the participation and support of this program from St. Augustine (Catholic) School has been absolutely amazing. Of the 30 awards at the branch, a total of 23 went to that school, which is incredible.”

Barb Olsen, president of the Ponoka Legion, added it was a privilege being a judge but also a challenge.

“This year, being a judge was a difficult task and I just want to compliment all of the students on their entries and the creativity, the colours and imagination. We really appreciate your participation,” she stated.

The branch winners included:


Junior 1. Morgan Thomas (St. A), 2. Christina de With (Ponoka Christian), Honourable mention Lauren MacLaren (St. A); Intermediate 1. Zechariah Mathieu (St. A), 2. Yaël Witvoet (St. A), Hon. mention Teagan Witvoet (St. A); Senior Jessica Mathieu (St. A.).

Poster, colour

Primary 1. Mia Gislason (St. A); 2. Blessing Abolarin (St. A); Hon. mention Sara Burke (St. A); Junior 1. Halana Weicker (Crestomere), 2. Karl Untalan (St. A), Hon. mention Ryder Macleod (Crestomere); Intermediate 1. Cameron Catterall (Mecca Glen), 2. Taylor Hovius (Ponoka Christian), Hon. mention Zechariah Mathieu (St. A); Senior 1. Jessica Mathieu, 2. Cheyeanne Rowan (St. A).

Poster, black and white

Primary 1. Ethan Smith (St. A), 2. Summer Mackinaw Lightning (St. A), Hon. mention Lucas Busat (St. A); Junior 1. Marc Sangabriel (St. A), 2. Eric Shin (St. A), Hon. mention Darryl Nunez (St. A); Intermediate 1. Alyssa de Gier (Ponoka Christian), 2. Rachel Devet (Ponoka Christian), Hon. mention Zechariah Mathieu (St. A).


Junior 1. Brock Auclair; Intermediate 1. Yaël Witvoet, 2. Teagan Witvoet.