Ponoka News welcomes student reporter

Hi, my name is Kiri Stolz, and I am the new recruit at Ponoka News

By Kiri Stolz

Junior Reporter

Hi, my name is Kiri Stolz, and I am the new recruit at Ponoka News. I have 15 years under my belt, and I am very excited to be writing and photographing with real professionals. My interest in writing stems back to the good old days, when I would sit in my bed and my mom would read to me from a favourite “Winnie The Pooh.” She claims that I would memorize the stories that she would read to me, and I would read to my baby brother. She also taught me “fonex” and remembers the day that I came bouncing up to her yelling “I can read, I can read!” Now I read full length novels; repeatedly sinking my teeth into good books has brought out my “inner author” (it’s one of the chakra’s). I enjoy writing poetry, drawing, artistic photography, and even writing short stories, which may eventually become the basis for epic novels. I also play air guitar, which is harder than it looks. I like to think that I have an artistic eye, (does being able to see a bunny in the clouds count?) and I can take top notch pictures, although keeping my fingers out of the shot does take a certain amount of skill. Journalism is one of the career options I have been considering, along with teacher, world renowned author, and jedi master. Being fairly tech savvy like most of the young-un’s these days, is an added bonus, I may even be able to teach the experts a bit (no lack of audaciousness here). I intend to bring every bit of talent I have in me right into work every time, and blow everyone’s socks off, unless you aren’t wearing socks…? I hope that a teen perspective will be an asset to Ponoka News; it might just change it up, but you never know, I may even be the next Lois Lane.