Proud woman gives her 50th blood donation

By Jasmine Franklin

Among several other people lined up at the Kinsmen Centre, she was one of the first preparing to roll up her sleeves to give her most valuable resource — blood.

March 17 marked Sylvia Pomroy’s 50th blood donation since 1998.

“It’s amazing to be able to do something so simple that can save people’s lives,” Pomroy said. “Why not give something you can afford to give?”

After 12 years of donating blood, Pomroy’s 80-year-old mother, Cecilia, was diagnosed with leukemia last year and required two blood transfusions per week.

“It took seven donors per week to keep her alive,” Pomroy said. “When my mom got sick, donating blood really hit home for me.”

Learning that the blood transfusions would continue to keep her mother alive but would never cure her, Cecilia made the decision to quit transfusion’s and let nature take its course.

“She said that it was unfair for her to continue using blood that could go towards someone who can be saved,” Pomroy said. “So she made the choice and held on for 12 days.”

Donating blood has been passed down Pomroy’s family as one of her daughter’s Valerie Hillier, also at the blood clinic, was preparing for her seventh donation.

“It’s nice to see that (donation continuing) in the family,” Pomroy said.