Reflections and I need your help in 2016

This week's Hammertime seeks help from readers to continue the historical column Reflections and Remember When.

As we all recover from the gala New Year’s Eve celebrations and head into the adventures of 2016, it is important for us to look forward and strive for hope, happiness and successes for family, friends and community along the way.

It’s after the holiday rush, the kids have gone home, the decorations are all down and our comfy condo is now back to being an ‘empty nest’, at least until the weekend. As retired seniors my wife and I are really looking forward to getting back into the ‘exercise and healthy diet’ mode, as well as keeping as busy as we want to be, while hopefully getting to do a little volunteering, casual housekeeping, browsing the T.V. and Internet, game nights with friends and lots of visiting and coffee with the good old guys and gals.

My favourite hobby

After getting to work and hang around the Ponoka newspaper business for close to 30 years, I am now thrilled to still have the opportunity of writing the weekly Reflections, Remember When and Hammer’s Column in your Ponoka News. For the past five or so years, I have really enjoyed gathering the information and pictures for over 500 Reflections articles, finding the old but neat photos for RW, as well as writing my zany column on and off, just for fun for several decades. The weekly Reflections and Remember When features deal with the long and colorful history of our Town and County of Ponoka, starting at the turn of the 19th century and high-lighting so many founding families, individuals, businesses, organizations and legendary events, along with many of the best milestones and memories. Reflections has also told the long-standing stories of the steady growth, along with the challenges, the joys, the hardships, the caring and the countless successes through several generations of our rural and urban communities, from then until the present day.

It would have been totally impossible for me to put all this copy together for our thousands of weekly readers without the wonderful and ongoing help of so many great people, families, groups and organizations, as well as the encouragement and support of the super staff at the Ponoka News. While a lot of the information and pictures come from our many local and district history books, my greatest treat is to browse through the archives of our amazing Fort Ostell Museum, where Sandy and her congenial staff have always assisted me to complete some good stories and find the pictures to go along. I also get lots of phone calls and emails with great ideas and pictures for the next features, and the best times come on Wednesdays when I get to sit down with families or individuals at the office or their homes to share a cup of coffee and chat about their colorful history and events that can hopefully be put together for others to enjoy.

Along the way, I have been able to stay in touch with so many old friends as well as make countless new acquaintances, while sharing so many memories and experiences of ‘our’ great town and county where yours truly proudly spent over 50 wild and wonderful years, and will always call ‘my home’ no matter where I may hang my hat. At 73 years of age, my wish is to be able to keep this writing hobby of mine going for as long as I can find the right keys on my lap-top, my spell check works, I can keep on finding lots of funny but clean humour and subjects for ‘The Hammer’. To keep on achieving these goals I need to rely on all of you to so kindly and faithfully keep sending me lots of ideas, old pictures, and material to put it all down on paper. Please feel free to call me at 403-341-5750 or email:, while casting off the ‘January blahs’ and having a great week, all of you.