Schools get ready for the fall

It’s the time when the season starts changing, the long days are gone and the school bell begins ringing students into the new school year.

It’s the time when the season starts changing, the long days are gone and the school bell begins ringing students into the new school year. Each school in Ponoka has their own unique environment and all are striving to educate and prepare their students for the years ahead.

Ponoka Christian School

Ponoka Christian School has approximately 60 children enrolled this fall and students will be seeing some new changes their first day including a new principal. Mr. Robert Morris says he has already seen the hard work of the school families and the teachers and he is anticipating a meaningful and valuable year.

“We want to build a caring Christian community and see God’s blessing on the school and in turn go into the community and be a blessing to others,” said Morris.

Ponoka Elementary School

Students from kindergarten to Grade 5 at Ponoka Elementary School will be seeing some new staff faces. Dania Hill and Lois Spate are the new assistant principals at the school and Brandi Abt and Cindy Mclearn are new teachers.

“It’s truly a pleasure to be a part of the community here at PES,” said Hill. “I anticipate a year full of engaging learning opportunities and can’t wait to celebrate our students’ success.”

There are about 411 students attending PES.

Crestomere School

A beautiful wall of colour will greet the 140 students at Crestomere School this year. Artists worked diligently on a mural for the school to help celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. Crestomere is also welcoming some new teachers including a new principal, Penny Mueller, and ECS teacher and special education facilitator, Louise Wheeliker.

“The community has a reputation of excellence,” said Mueller. “It is my intention to carry on the important traditions and practices that have made Crestomere such a wonderful place for both staff and students.”

Mecca Glen School

There are about 145 students enrolled at Mecca Glen School this fall and principal Evie Van Sheik is looking forward to the events and programs that will be taking place including the Terry Fox run and school council meeting. She is also anticipating working with the new assistant principal, Brenda Massing, Grade 5 and Phys. Ed teacher Richard Zandberg and Junior High teacher Cali Beazley. The school also has a new resource officer, Const. Melanie Girard-Gonthier.

Diamond Willow Middle School

The staff at Diamond Willow Middle School are excited to welcome about 265 students into their school this year. Larry Cook, principal, is pleased to have the new assistant principal and Grade 7 and 8 science teacher Glen Kawahara as member of their staff. Cook is also looking forward to the new computers the school will receive as part of the Wolf Creek Public Schools technology plan.